a bbq baby shower...

Over Memorial Day weekend, my sister's good friend and I threw a baby shower for her.  She is always doing wonderful parties for others, so it was her turn to be blessed.  Thank goodness for pinterest!  I found some awesome inspiration on there as we planned a BBQ themed shower.

Tori, Hannah's friend, planned the entire menu out with delicious grilled chicken, veggies, fresh fruit and salad, and amazing cupcakes for dessert.  I found some neat vintage style soda pop, and we had a few different  delicious mixed fruit drinks that Tori made.

Also, our husbands were SO helpful getting things set up, grilling, and assisting with clean up...thanks guys!

The weather was supposed to be very warm and muggy that day, but fortunately it turned out gorgeous and cool for the party.  We had such a good time, and Hannah was blessed with so many wonderful things.  One thing that friends did for my baby shower, and we did for Hannah's too, was to have everyone bring books to start baby Hoefer's library instead of cards.  Hannah loved reading when she was little, and now her own precious baby will grow up with lots of books too.

I am so excited to meet my little niece or nephew very soon!  Finn will have so much fun with his new cousin, and I predict they shall grow up to be the best of buds. :)

Enjoy some pictures of the day!

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