family picnic...

Tonight, we went on a picnic at a small park nearby.  It was such a beautiful evening to be outside with a cool breeze and warm sun.  I stopped by Trader Joe's for the first time today and grabbed some stuff to throw together to eat and drink.  Such a neat store by the way!

Finn has been eating solids for awhile now, and his little face gets so messy with his new food.  Love it!  We had the best time relaxing together as a family, without any distractions or worries.  I'm so thankful to be wife to such a good man and mama to such a sweet boy.  Life is good!


Michelle said...

Finn has gotten so big!! So precious :) I love Trader Joe's!! There's one right down the street from us...I spend way too much money there :)

Krystal said...

he is so freaking cute :)


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