We are getting ready for another weekend away....always fun things, but we are busy through July!  We are making the days count, though, and enjoying them as much as we can.

This weekend, we are celebrating Landon's brother and his bride-to-be with a shower for her and a bachelor party for him.  Finn gets some extra fun time with his Grandpa and Grandma and Grammie and Gramps too while us parents are busy.  I'm excited for the shower since it's going to be at a tea room.  I've never done anything like it before and it should be so much fun.  I think Landon is planning some fun activities for the guys.  Also, he's getting fitted for a tux tomorrow too...I can hardly wait to see him in it at the wedding, he is going to look so hot! :)  I just bought my dress yesterday and I am needing to find something cute for Finn to wear.  We are definitely going to need a family picture.

Up in the next weeks are a baby shower, then VACATION!!!  We are heading to the Gulf Shores after a dear friend's wedding in Alabama.  It is going to be so relaxing and laid back...fishing, swimming, eating, sleeping, reading, swimming with dolphins maybe!  Really can't wait for that week.

Life is simple and good right now, and I love it.

Well it's a beautiful and warm sunny day here, so enjoy your own weekend and do something fun!

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Krystal said...

have a great weekend lady :) hope you are doing well!


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