bagel face bakery

We just got back from a great vacation down at the Gulf Shores in Alabama this past week.  I was able to see a dear friend get married in northern Alabama, then head down with my boys to meet up with my sister and her husband at a condo on the beach.  We did a lot of relaxing, swimming, eating, and playing in the water.  Pictures to come soon, but first, some images of a fun brunch we had with my brother Jonah, who just moved to East Nashville.  It was right on our way down south, so we stopped to meet him at a neat bagel place called Bagel Face Bakery.  Spending time with my siblings is so wonderful...just talking about pretty much everything and relaxing and laughing together.  We were only missing my brother, Ezrah, who lives in Denver.
I also practiced using my newish camera to make a mini video and figuring out how to add little touches, which is always fun.

These are two things I love a lot...food and family. :)

Bagel Face Bakery from Leah Rife on Vimeo.

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Amy "White" B. said...

Ok, seriously, what happened??? Jonah is NOT supposed to look like a grown up!!!


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