hiking trip...

Landon and I (and hopefully some other family members) are planning a hiking/camping trip to the Grand Canyon in the near-ish future.  It's something he has wanted to do for awhile, and I am getting excited about it as well.  He grew up camping a lot, we both grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, but neither of us has done a trip like this.  He is planning out our route, figuring out the permits, and we are starting to shop for some gear.  Yesterday, we went to the new REI store in Indy, and had such fun looking at all the fancy equipment and trying packs on.  We drooled over the child carrier pack that Landon tried on with Finn, who absolutely loved being up so high.

I made a comment in the store that I now want to sell all of our stuff and buy camping/outdoor/hiking gear. :)

Here is some fun hiking inspiration I've found....





Krystal said...

the take a hike onesie is so so cute..

Josie said...

So stinkin fun!!! Let us know how it goes! Beej and I want to hike the grand canyon someday too.
And ditto. If I could spend my money on one thing it would be sweet outdoor gear! It's so expensive! Ahhhh!


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