9 months...

Well our little boy turned 9 months yesterday.  I can't believe how fast it has gone!  (I'm sure everyone says that, but it's really true.)

Finn has brought so much joy to our lives...so much has changed since he has come, but it's all good change.  I'm constantly amazed at how God seems to show me so much through our little son...of how love is really supposed to look like, not the shallow love of our society, but deep, unconditional, accepting, and unapologetic love.

Here are some current favs and activities of Finn at 9 months:

*loves being outside as much as possible
*loves looking out the window when he's inside
*loves clapping
*sitting alone, and reaching forward, but not quite crawling yet
*still thinks bathtime with dad is the best fun in the evenings
*sleeps 10-12 hours most nights (ahhhhhh, thank you little boy)
*has started sucking his thumb every time I put him down for nap/bed and it's adorable
*says "mama"and makes my heart warm
*signs "all done"
*says "ma" when he wants more food
*says "mamamamama" all day long
*can be caught eating leaves, sticks, paper, and cardboard if I'm not watchful
*we are pretty sure he is getting one of his front teeth in, but it's slow coming
*has tantrums and arches his back, which we are trying to be patient with and help him work on
*loves seeing animals, and squeals when he does
*fake coughs all the time! :)
*eats a ton of food: favorites are salmon, mangos, kale, zucchini, whole wheat bread, banana, peas, cheese, pasta, lentil soup, yogurt, peaches, and applesauce.
He doesn't normally refuse anything, and if he does, he probably just hasn't tried the food enough times.
*drinks out of a sippy cup at mealtimes and has tried prune juice, tea, and water

We are loving this time and are excited to see how Finn grows and changes even more in the next few months.  Love you little bub.


Amy B. said...

So cute! He seems to be an amazing eater too! I hope mine is that adventurous - my nieces and nephews don't eat much beyond mac and cheese...

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the wrinkly billowy skin on a shirtless 9 month old looks so similar to that of an aging , wrinkling, flabby man in his 50's? Oh, also, make sure our little scout is out of the phase of life where all things end up in his mouth before he's handed an arrow that has a sharp end.

PS: I told John Wayne to let Chief Fuzzy Buns live in peace with his pale face parents.

Krystal said...

ok that is too much cute :)

Jessica Leigh said...

What a cute photoshoot idea! (And well executed, of course.)


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