our weekend...

On Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful morning and Finn's early-for-a-weekend waketime, and head to the local farmers market.  It's in a small town called Carmel, right near us.  (Coincidentally, I just read here, that Carmel is rated the best place to live!!)

We parked right on the Monon, and ran up to the market.  It has been slow getting back into running, but we have been working hard at it these past few weeks.  I will say that it is 100% more fun to run in cool weather as opposed to the high 90s we were having. :)  Finn loves riding in his jogging stroller and watching all the cyclists, dogs, and other people on the trail.  I love jogging the trail because it's so beautiful, and I love hearing all the snippets of random conversation from passerby.  (We heard that some older man passed away, and left $30 million to some church, and another man was having a great evening with his wife, when suddenly she started crying.)  We also saw a dad riding his bike with his adorable son sitting behind him.  They were French, and the dad was speaking something beautiful to his son, who had the longest curls I've ever seen.

After making it to the market, we walked around checking out all the stalls.  The produce was so much cheaper than I expected, and we bought some nice peppers.  I told Landon that next time we go grocery shopping, I'll need to remember to wait on the produce until after we've been to the market.

Some friends had recommended the crepes that one vendor sold, so we bought two of them with butter, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon zest.  The Carmel fire department had all it's stations out doing a breakfast casserole taste test competition, so we were able to sample about 8 amazing different recipes.  Finn loved trying everything with us, and even tried a crabmeat casserole.

Lastly, we bought a chai tea from a sweet couple that had a variety of tea samples out.  They gave Finn a sample of a non-caff, unsweetened tea with orange, cinnamon, and some other herbs.  He always makes a face when trying something new, but then gobbles it up.  So the couple gave him a second sample, and were so happy that he loved their product.

After an even better run back to our car, we relaxed the rest of the day, then Landon and I had a really great date that night.

I told Landon that this was probably the most perfect Saturday I've ever had (except our wedding, of course) and I was so happy to share it with my two boys.

Life is just so wonderful, and even on the days it's challenging, all I need to do is step back and remember these sweet moments with those I hold dear.

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rgs2 said...

Yeah! I got to see Finn in his sweater! You are making wonderful memories that have much meaning and importance.


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