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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to a sewing get-together with three other sweet ladies.  It was nice to be able to relax and hang out with some other mamas and all their babies as we talked, sewed, and shared stories.  I was able to make a simple hot pad, then finished up the other one this morning.  We were in desperate need of some new ones, as two of ours are pretty sad looking with stains and burn marks.  I picked out some pretty fabric at the store the other day, along with some cotton batting, and colored bias tape.  These were simple to sew and easy to accomplish in one sitting.

We are having a good week so far.  Finn is sleeping really well through the night these days, the olympics are so fun to watch, and we were able to go an amazing concert on Monday night.  Blitzen Trapper, one of our favorite bands, was playing downtown.  They are so incredibly talented, and we got right up by the stage, so it made it even better!  Side note: I will probably never get a drink at that venue again...$7 for a small can is a little excessive. :)  But...we had the best date ever!  Check Blitzen Trapper out if you've never heard of them.

Today Finn and I are spending a quiet day at home.  I'll work on wedding photos, enjoy some cuddling, and maybe go for a swim later.

**Smile at a stranger today, engage with the gal ringing you up at the store, or call that person you've been meaning to but haven't...there is so much negative stuff going around these days, and I think people miss the point while they are trying to make a point.  The point is to love others, no matter what, no matter who.**

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