For two weeks in July, I took Finn to swimming lessons. Well, more like play-in-the pool time. :)  But we both loved getting out of the house every day (I couldn't believe they were every day for two weeks!)  We had the nicest instructor, Lindsey, who really took time to interact with each child.  Finn was the youngest, then there were three older girls who were all around 2 years old.

At the end of each session, we would all gather and sing a little song where you were supposed to dunk your child at the very end.  I was really nervous to do it since Finn really hasn't gotten his whole head wet in a pool.  It was an outdoor pool, so it was always super chilly in the mornings and we were having great 70 degree weather that week instead of the 100s we had been having.

Finally, one evening, Landon and I took Finn to our own condo pool, which was a lot warmer than the big one for lessons.  We played for awhile and he seemed to be in a good mood, so we counted to three, blew in his face, then dunked the little man!  He didn't know what the heck to think.  I'm pretty sure he didn't close his eyes, and he came up looking like he just got smacked in the face.  But....he didn't cry!  I was so relieved that he didn't flip out on us and actually bounced back pretty quickly.  Landon said I should dunk him every time we go to a pool now, so the next week of classes, we did just that.  I was pretty proud of our little guy for doing so well.  Some of the other children didn't take too well to getting dunked, but Finn was a trooper.

And now, we are watching olympic swimming, and I'm thinking of one day going to the 2028 games somewhere and cheering on our son.... :)  Well, a mama can dream right?  In the meantime, we'll just stick to our fun play time in the pool with the leaves and dead bugs he likes to poke.

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Anonymous said...

...and Finn gets the gold!! :-)
He'll always be a winner in Grammie's eyes! coolmom84679


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