color me rad...

On Saturday, Landon and I were able to run in the Color Me Rad 5k that was here in town.  My parents came to watch and take care of Finn while we ran.  What a fun race!  First off, it wasn't timed, so no pressure there, secondly...color thrown at you while you run!  :)  There were thousands of people out running and walking, and it was probably the most fun race we've ever done.

If you ever get a chance to do this kind of race, do it!  It's a blast, light-hearted, and just fun to participate in.  There were so many different people running or walking, whole families came out together.  Loved it!  Also, I've got the itch now to run, so we're signing up for another 5k soon.

Thanks to my Dad for taking all of the photos, and thanks to my Mom for strolling Finn around!


Krystal said...

i keep hearing about these kinds of runs, i want to do one!!!

Jessica Leigh said...

Me, too! I've always loved the saturation of the colors. So beautiful. I would love to go to the Festival of Colors in India one day!


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