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Last week, I was able to get away and spend some time by myself to refocus, read, and journal.  This time was so refreshing for me.  I spent time reading some really encouraging blog posts, and I stumbled across a new blog that has been outrageously helpful and inspiring.  So I didn't want to keep these to myself, but to share them with you.

This post on money was super convicting, and encouraging.  Money seems to be the cause of a lot of unnecessary stress/worry/discontentment in life, and it was awesome to read this post.

These Ten Steps to make the most of every day really struck deep in me.  Plus, they seem easily achievable.

Landon and I have been talking the past few months about how we're tired of living "the American Dream."  We want something more for our lives, and we're getting inspired by discussions in our small group, the direction his job is going, and posts like this one I read.  We are ready to trade up.

More and more, the latest "theme" I keep reading about, talking about, and thinking about, is that of simplicity and having less.  This post addresses that subject and resonated with me in a good way.

On a run yesterday, Landon and I were talking more about all of this.  We see so much of this "rat race" mindset in every aspect of life.  Stressing at work to make it to the next rung of the corporate ladder.  Reading constantly about how to get your kid ahead in life and prepared for the future for fear he or she will lag behind.  Comparing yourself to others who seem to have more and seem to be happier.  (The first may be true, but chances are, the second is just a front.)

We are ready to tear down these culturally-built ideas of what a good life looks like.  We are ready to experience fullness in life by getting rid of things.  Things.  That's really all it is anyway.  Material, finite stuff that takes up room in our lives.  We are ready to spend our time, energy, and money on experiences and people.

Already, we have taken steps to clear out our life.  We cleaned off a bookshelf that was packed full of stuff we never used.  I took maybe 10 minutes and pulled out 10 items from my closet that I know for sure I will never wear again.  And you know what?  That felt great!
I'm ready for more.

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Michelle said...

I love, love, love all of this. The whole corporate rat race is just too much. It's just not worth it. There's something so refreshing about not having much and living a simpler life. It's something I'm constantly working towards. I'm so with you!


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