I am looking forward to a lovely weekend at home.  It's finally fall, and though a bit warmer here, the mornings are cool and the days are bright.

Tomorrow at 8am, we are running in a 5k race at a church nearby.  Running that color me rad race really got us pumped up, and we just want to keep up our momentum.  Finn especially loves our runs, as he gets to be outside in the woods.  He loves the dogs, birds, and squirrels we see.  The other day we saw a snake and tried to get him to get excited, but he really wasn't interested.

In the afternoon, we're checking out a fall festival at the same church as the race.  Hopefully there will be apple cider and/or pumpkin flavored goodies.

We are driving downtown to pick up some tickets for a Jim Gaffigan show in November that we are going to with my sister and her husband.  We might have time to check out Mass Avenue, which is a really neat artsy neighborhood in Indy and has a lot of great restaurants and shops.

Sundays are always my favorite.  We aren't on worship team at church this weekend, so we can sleep in, get there a few hours later than normal, and just enjoy the community and the message.  We usually take a nap or rest, then grocery shop and maybe go to our favorite local coffee house.

We loved the butternut squash risotto we had last week, so I'm making it again...perfect for a fall weekend.

(Our weekends are far from perfect, though.  There will be plenty of laundry, cleaning, changing icky diapers, calming a fussy baby, and dishes.  But, such is life, and we are living in it every day.)


Krystal said...

i think your weekend sounds lovely, even with all the messy diapers and a fussy baby. also, i liked your last post, it was just as uplifting as the ones you have been reading :) i love throwing things out, giving them away, donating them - whatever, i love having just enough! (surprising coming from a blog that posts all things i like, haha!)

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You will LOVE Jim Gaffigan...we saw him in May and it was the best show EVER. I'm dying to go to another!


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