family time...

We try to get outside every day, even if it's just a bit.  My heart is very full these days.  I love my family so much.

We decorated our front porch for Fall yesterday.  My mother-in-law brought us some mini pumpkins and squash, and  Finn and I picked out a pumpkin at a patch the other day.  I also got a beautiful mum last night to complete the decor.  Now, I can't wait to carve the big pumpkin for halloween and put a candle inside!

Last night we hung out with some friends, and they made us some mulled cider.  I've decided that mulled cider is the best drink one could have on a cool evening, and I'm hankering for some more right now.  Maybe we'll pick some up and get some mulling spices this weekend.

I am loving this beautiful weather and cheery time of year!


Amy B. said...

Love Finn's hat - did you make it??

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe now this is what happiness looks like! pure and total bliss. wow girl, the air Finn's getting in those throws is rad....next thing you know he'll be into extreme sports and taking the world by storm :)

happy pumpkin carving - we plan to hit a patch next weekend and then get to decorating. a bit slow this year but you are ON IT! everything looks great momma!!!!! happy weekend. ♥


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