away we go...

Landon and I are feeling pretty excited today because we are leaving for a wedding in the Turks and Caicos!  His cousin is getting married there, and it will be so wonderful to celebrate her marriage...on a beach...out of the country.  We have never been to a destination wedding before, so this is a new adventure for us.  I am loving this beautiful fall weather we are having, but it's supposed to rain this weekend, so I am glad we can enjoy some 80 degree weather on a beach instead.

I usually find a little note from Landon in the mornings since he leaves for work before Finn and I get up, and the one today made me even more excited for our trip.  We are not taking Finn with us, thanks to some amazing grandparents he has.  We'll miss him, but we will love being just the two of us again for a couple days.  There's nothing more dear to me than our family, and our happiness has multiplied 100% since Finn came along, but it's fun to get away and pretend we are young newlyweds...I think every married couple with kids needs that.

My mum is just starting to really bloom beautifully, so I had to get some photos.  Finn and I will probably spend some time outside too, with the bright sun feeling so good.  He is getting over some diaper rash, and I have been taking him outside without anything on his little bottom to help him air out.  The sun is so good for that, and he loves it. :)

We are planning to make the most of our entire trip.  We have a nine hour layover in Miami tomorrow  so we decided to rent a car and explore the city, check out the beach, eat at a great restaurant for lunch...who knows!  I've never been there before except the airport, and the only vision I have is from the movie The Birdcage.  (Which is clearly and accurate portrayal of life in Miami.)

So, taking a break from all the packing to blog a little and enjoy a delicious snack...if you've never had Noosa yogurt, you should try it sometime.

I am ready for a few days on the beach with family, good drinks, and some snorkeling hopefully!  I'm busy packing up the rest of our things, and making sure we've got everything lined up....making a comedy/music playlist for our travels, putting some movies on the ipad so we can watch them on the planes, and remembering at the last minute we probably need our passports to get out of the States....

We are so excited and I will be sure to snap some great photos!

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Kate Harvey said...

That note is so so sweet....

Have a fun trip!


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