I haven't done a thankful post in quite some time, and I thought it would be a good reminder to myself to do one again.  So today, I am thankful for.....

*My husband.  He is a huge encouragement in my life.  We are a team, and we are for each other.  I need to constantly remind myself of this...especially when I am frustrated and have a tendency to shut him off.  Every day of our marriage, we are trying to grow closer together in some small way.  Marriage is hard, but I believe it's worth fighting for, and fighting for intensely.

*My son.  He is becoming so much more communicative.  The other day, I taught him the sign for milk, and he immediately picked up on it.  It's amazing, and weird, to see this happening.  My son is growing so fast!  I love him, and what he has taught me.

*My heavenly Father.  I don't post a lot about my faith on here, but it is a deep part of my life.  I can see God working in every day things, and I look back on my life and see how He has been caring for me and directing my steps.  I see how the place where Landon and I are right now...our life, our home, our church, even the people we have met...have all been directed by God, and it's the perfect place for us at this time.  Because of my relationship with God, I have a hope and a joy that nothing in this world can compare to.

*My friends.  In our small group, we have been talking a lot about community.  Community is what causes you to grow even further than you ever could on your own.  Friends that can be open and vulnerable with each other are the rubbing together that polishes off the rough spots in our lives.  I am so very thankful for a group of close friends that are just that in my own life.

*My job.  It is amazing to me how much beauty is in this world, and how someone can capture that so accurately through a simple lens.  I have been brought to tears looking through photos I edit, and it's so encouraging to see couple after couple in love and committing themselves to each other.

*Being real.  I have been having the chance to be real and open with people in my life lately, and it is so refreshing.  Our culture is so bent on keeping up appearances, and we are taught this from a young age through media, and social peers.  But being real and genuine with another person is something amazing and wonderful.  Admitting faults, and accepting others where they are at, while encouraging growth, is a freeing experience.  Gaining the trust from real relationships that go even deeper can be such an impact on one's life.  Landon and I are working at being more genuine with each other, and with those we meet.

These have been on my heart lately.  I post a lot about happy things, and simple things that I love to do, but sometimes it's nice to go a little further than that.

What about you, what are you thankful for today?

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Kate Harvey said...

I love this post! I am also so thankful for my husband, to have a partner in everything I do and in everything I feel (both the good and bad). It's wonderful to go through life with another!


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