a weekend away...

We just got back from a whirlwind weekend away to the Turks and Caicos.  Let me just say, that is a beautiful area of the world, and we enjoyed it so much.

-got a late start to drop Finn off, but managed to finally get on the road in the early evening
-had to make two detours due to construction
-got Finn to my dad's house around 8pm, fed him supper, and cried a little as I put him to bed (I may have kissed his little face 20 times before leaving the room.)
-left my dad's and headed for Landon's parents' place to drop off some info
-on the road again!
-stopped by Ballard's around 10:45pm to share a Flying Cupcake with her and some coffee she made for us.  Also picked up some tunes for the trip since my cd for our car failed on us.  Love this girl!
-made it to our hotel in Columbus at 12:30am and fell into bed

-dragged myself out of bed at 4:15am for a shower before leaving for the airport at 5
-busy airport, got yelled at by security for having too big of a baggie for my liquids.  (Note to self, gallon is bigger than a quart.)
-made it to our gate, find out our flight is "Delayed until further notice."  Do some writing and watch some shows for 2 hours.
-flight leaves at 9:30am instead of 6:30, but we'll take it!
-get to sunny Miami, Florida around 11:30
-get a sweet little rental car and head out for the city
-drive around checking out the beautiful architecture and tree-covered streets
-drive past a cute little restaurant, think "maybe we should stop there for lunch," then keep on driving
-30 minutes later, end up back at cute little restaurant for lunch
-find out, it's a local place, and the locals in this area all speak spanish.  Look dumb as our server speaks rapidly to us something we can't understand.
-it's all good.
-have the most amazing pork and mojito sauce, congri, and fried plantains while it proceeds to rain like a hurricane outside
-after more exploring, drive back to airport for our flight to the Island!
-get to Turks and Caicos around 8:30pm, take a taxi to our hotel, grab some delicious burgers from the restaurant, and drink some great beer while waiting for our food.
-talk with a couple workers that are done for the day and hanging at the bar.  find out one is from GB and has the cutest two year old son you ever saw.  Hear a funny story about how his son used the toilet for the first time like a big boy.
-eat our food and watch National Lampoon's Vacation in our room.
-hit the sack for our big day on Saturday

-slept in until 9am....whaaat!
-rode bikes to a grocery to pick up some food
-rode to the bride's resort, found the bride and her mom having breakfast and joined them.
-checked out the bride's room (amazing!) and met up with some of Landon's cousins
-got a ride over to another cousin's villa and went snorkeling
-saw some amazing fish and coral, got my souvenir of a scrape on the foot from some rocks.
-got ready for a wedding, read some stories to the bride's adorable nieces and nephew
-beach wedding. beautiful bride, handsome groom, perfect backdrop.
-cocktail hour. good drinks and great company.  Rum is better on an island, hands down.
-had the best time at the reception with amazing food, lots of great music, and some hilarious entertainment....all I can say is the groom is not afraid to put himself out there, and he can sing!
-ate some delicious wedding cake, said goodbye to the bride and groom, and headed back to our hotel
-hit the hay early for our early travel day on Sunday

-flight left at 8:30am for Miami
-flight left at 12pm for New York
-saw the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline from the air...awesome!
-ate some pizza and hung out in the terminal waiting for our flight to Columbus
-sat by 6 Canadian ladies who were on their way home from a girls' weekend in the city....they were still having a great time.  Also, apparently there's a comedy show host somewhere downtown named Andre who is extremely good looking.  They wouldn't stop talking about him.
-took our last flight for the day
-got into Columbus at 8:30pm, and drove to Landon's parents' house to crash for the night...I wanted to wake my baby boy up, but I waited until the morning.

Had a crazy, amazing, awesome, weekend with my husband.  Travel is something we love to do, and hope to do more of in the future.  Congratulations to Jennifer and Geoff!!


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Jessica Leigh said...

The water is so blue!! And I love the bougainvillea in the bouquet -- unusual but pretty. What a whirlwind trip, but I'm glad it was a good one.

(P.S. Sorry for the random comment spamming; I'm about halfway caught up with your blog. Somehow I haven't read any blogs since February. Bad!)


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