Yesterday was Landon's birthday, so we had a nice quiet celebration.  Of course Finn was our new addition this year, and he made it extra special.

After Landon got home from work, we went out to our favorite coffeehouse.  I got a hot chocolate, Landon got a mocha, and Finn had greek yogurt.  Hot drinks are perfect these days.  It's so nice to get out as a little family and spend time together.  Finn is so very inquisitive right now, and anything is new and fun to him...like the fireplace, the lights, and other people that he loves to stare at.

After Finn went to bed, we had one of Landon's favorite meals of calzones.  I made them the Rife style way, although I'm sure Landon's mom makes them even better!  We watched the Love Bug and had hot fudge pudding cake, and I gave my gift to Landon....indoor rock climbing sessions!  I'm so excited since we are going to be doing it together.  I wanted to get him an experience for his birthday instead of a gift, and he loved it.

Today, we went and voted.  Fortunately we didn't have a long wait like some of our friends did.  This was the first election that I really walked away feeling good about my choice.  Although my vote may not look like it counts, I'm hopeful that when my children are grown and have children of their own, our country will be different in a better way because of our choices today.  At the end of the day, what really matters is people getting out and exercising their freedom to have a say in our country, and I'm so encouraged by all those that have done just so today.

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Anna Walker said...

Coffee, Calzones and a hot fudge pudding cake? Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy (bleated) birthday Landon!


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