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Some healthy breakfast food I've been trying.  If you've never had Ezekiel bread, you should definitely try it out.  An organic egg omelet with grape tomatoes, and cheddar cheese is filling and delicious.  Adding a small side of pinto beans tops it all off nicely.  Never thought I'd be eating beans for breakfast, but here I am.

Finn was staring at the guys planting a tree in front of our condo earlier this winter, and I just had to take a photo.  This kid doesn't miss a thing.  He was watching them for at least 20 minutes straight.

A photo from our trip to the Poconos.  We had such a great time out there hiking and being with family.  I love to reminisce.  I am also working on finishing up editing the photos from that trip...the holidays put a halt on that project.

My sweet boy playing in the snow last week.  It's pretty much gone now, save for a few heaps here and there. (Which I'm totally cool with.)  Also, Finn WALKED alone for the first time today!!  Proud mama right here.  Did I get it on video camera?  No.  But I saw it happen and I was so happy when it did.  He's growing up so fast.

Getting ready for our cheat day on the slow-carb menu tomorrow...so we bought kettle chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, and we're making homemade donuts in the morning.  Also, I may be staying up til midnight to eat a snack......
Hey, don't judge, I need to ease into dropping all sugar and white carbs during the week, and this is our first week at it.  We are hoping for long-term changes to come of this whole healthy eating thing instead of getting frustrated and giving up all together.
I have to say, pinto beans are underrated.

Have a great weekend!



Amy Boyea said...

For baking try whole wheat white flour instead of going to just whole wheat flour. It's the same nutritionally but made with a softer wheat so it's more the texture of white flour. If you make breads you'll still have to add gluten to it but it doesn't have the "grainy" texture that wheat does. I've decided to stop buying all purpose flour and just use that. We made cookies last night with it and you couldn't even tell it was wheat flour. Now we have to figure out good baking substitutes for processed sugar...

Leah Rife said...

Thanks, Amy, I will try that! I love whole wheat, but you're right...it has a noticeable texture that I don't like for desserts. :) I have tried rapadura sugar in baking, and you can't hardly tell a difference. We've also been using a lot of raw honey. Baking it will kill the good enzymes, but it's better than white sugar.

Krystal said...

sooo many good chickpea recipes, are those allowed. and happy new year!!! finn is so adorable :)


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