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Happy Monday!

*I am grateful for my toasty warm home when it's chilly outside.

*I am grateful for being able to bundle up my baby and myself and get outside on chilly day.

*I am grateful for being raised in the Midwest and a loyal ND football fan.  GO IRISH!!!

*I am grateful for family with whom I can be myself.

*I am grateful for friends that encourage me.

*I am grateful for allowing fewer things in my home and life and how it's making me happier and more content.

*I am grateful for open-mouthed wet kisses from my baby boy, and hearing his voice sweetly say "mama."

*I am grateful for the freedom we have right now.  To move far away if we want, travel, and not be tied down to one place.

*I am also grateful for this fine city we call home, and if we stay here longer, I'm down with that.

*I am grateful that I can work at home, in my bedroom, in my pjs if I want.

*I am grateful for my Abba Father.  He provides for me and cares deeply.  Call it a crutch if you will, but I won't live without it.

*I am grateful for my husband, for all he does for me, and how he loves me so unconditionally.

I am just so happy today...there are so many things to be grateful for in my life.  I refuse to let the world get me down, and I choose joy instead!  So happy monday, friends. 



Kate Harvey said...

Such a beautiful post, Leah. I was rooting last night for my beloved Irish too--and I choose to be joyful that we made it to the championship, not sad that we lost! :)

Leah Rife said...

Yes, it was a bittersweet game for sure. I thought of you yesterday and figured you would be watching. :)


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