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I love Pinterest!  Finally, I have a way to keep all of those links in one organized space online...instead of a ridiculous amount of tabs or bookmarks.  Every time I get on and check out other pins, I am inspired.  A goal of mine is to become better at trying the pins out instead of just pinning to make my board look complete.  So, here are 3 pins I am aiming to complete in the next couple of weeks.


This hairstyle looks awesome.  My hair is getting long, very long, so I am able to do a bit more with it.  I'm all about laid back looks, so this one seems like it would be fun.

Source: vimeo.com via Leah on Pinterest

I am actually doing this one already!  But my goal is to practice yoga regularly, so I'm hoping to develop a good habit and incorporate it into my weekly routine.  I love the freedom and calmness of yoga, and it's a secret dream of mine to one day master it and be able to teach it to others.  A dream, I said.  Tomorrow, I am taking a class at a local place and I am so excited to get in there with some other people.


This sandwich looks delicious.  Landon and I are working at eating healthy, and it's a constant process. I have loved Pinterest and all the amazing recipes I stumble upon.  Thankfully, Finn is great at trying new things...he already loves avocados, goat cheese, and spinach, so I'm sure he will love this recipe too.

Here are a few pinners I love to follow:

Joanna Goddard

Megan Gilger

Sarah Kieffer

I'll let you know how it goes.  What about you, what are your favorite pins?

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Anonymous said...

This sandwich looks so yummy! coolmom84679


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