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Well, I'm 27 now.  I'm excited!!  It feels weird, but I told a friend, I'm embracing it.  My birthday was yesterday, and Landon and I are drawing out Valentine's/Birthday all weekend together.  Finn got to go to my parents' house for the weekend for a "Grammie and Gramps Camp."  It's a fun weekend where he spends time with them and does fun activities...also allowing Landon and I to have some alone time.

Here are some highlights from the weekend so far:

*Got to eat BBQ brisket for dinner last night.  Get that in my belly.

*Went to a comedy improv show of Cinderella downtown.  I about wet myself we were laughing so hard.

*Opened the coolest handmade card Landon gave me.  He knows me well.

*Went to Crate & Barrel and purchased a new dinnerware set with all of our credit card extra reward points.  We have been saving them up for a few years, and finally found something we wanted/needed. Our wedding dinnerware has sadly cracked, chipped, and we've lost of few pieces to dropping or baby throwing and busting. :)

*Played with all the tissue paper from aforementioned dinnerware set.

*Went rock climbing this morning, and did yoga in our living room.

*Speaking of yoga, Landon got me a new mat as my bday gift.  My hands and feet get really sweaty when I'm practicing, and this new mat supposedly will help with not slipping as much.

*Ate brunch at a sweet diner in Broad Ripple called Good Morning Mama's.  DEE-LISH.

*Talked to Finn on the phone, and saw some pictures of the craft he did!  He's so cute!

I am so blessed to have such sweet time with Landon for a few days alone.  We feel so young and college-ish when Finn isn't around.  But I miss him tons and can't wait to go get him tomorrow. :)

Here's to a fabulous 27th year!


Kate Harvey said...

Happy Birthday Leah! Sounds like you've had some fun experiences and gifts to celebrate!

Lex C. said...

Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful, fresh 27 :)


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