Over the weekend, Landon and I were able to have some good hang out time with friends of ours.  What else would we do with a kid-less evening with friends but play Settlers??  It was a great time.  My strategy didn't work out this time around, but it was fun to watch everyone interact and play a good game.  If you've never played Settlers, you're missing out.  Big. Time.

I read a quote today from the Simple Marriage blog:

"Life is so much better when shared with others.  Especially struggles."

We have found this to be very true, and we are learning to love the close fellowship we have with our small group, with my sister and her husband, and with our other close friends.
These are the relationships that cause us to grow.
And I am so very thankful for them.


Lex C. said...

I love that quote. The older I get, the more I realize how true.

bron @ baby space said...

our fave game! love settlers.

Krystal said...

playing games with friends is so so fun...thats what we did new years eve :)


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