So I have been practicing yoga regularly for the last month, and I am loving the effect it's having on my life.  One of my New Year's aspirations was to practice it regularly, and I am happy to be somewhat consistent so far.  Working out has always been a love/hate relationship for me.  In college, I struggled with self-image (as I'm sure a lot of girls do) and working out and watching my food intake became an obsession with the wrong motivation.  After getting married, my perspective began changing for the positive.  Being pregnant was a huge change as well.  I knew that after giving birth, my body would be slightly different than before.

Now, more and more, I am learning to accept my body for what it is...flaws included, and embracing who I am.  Yoga has been a huge help to me.  It's the one workout where I feel like I can fully commit and dive in totally.  The best part is that it's a mental and emotional workout along with the physical.  I think any workout can be that way, but the calmness and rhythm of yoga speak especially well to my mental well-being.  Learning to breathe properly has helped tremendously, and ironically, it's the same type of breathing I learned to use while in labor.  It's meant to relax, remove stress, and calm the body.

Tonight at class, which I have been attending once a week, our instructor asked us to think of a goal we have in our lives right now and focus on that during practice.  I love how anyone can use yoga as they need it, and it can affect their lives right where they are at.  I feel like I am on a slow path to a better body, life, and mind.  My perspective is changing, and I welcome that so much.  Personally, I am aiming to use yoga as a spiritual means in my life.  My goal is to become closer to God, and the quiet moments of practice help clear my mind of busy life stuff, and help me focus on Him.  It's a way of meditating on the ways I see Him working in my life, and a quiet way to speak to Him after a long day.

I hope that I am able to continue practicing and learning, and becoming fit too.  I hope that I can use what I learn in yoga and apply it to my every day situations where I'm faced with stress and conflict.

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