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Landon and I had a really wonderful time in Louisville this past weekend.  After dropping Finn off at my aunt and uncle's house, we checked into our beautiful hotel, then grabbed a cab and headed out for dinner.

My uncle recommended a place called Garage Bar on Market street.  He said it was a foodie type place with a young chef and fabulous food.  Think hipster pizza, servers wearing street clothes, lots of exposed wood, craft beer, and Matt and Kim playing in the background.  We loved it.  For an appetizer, we got boiled peanuts...a new experience for us.  They were really good and salty.  I had a Canadian beer, and Landon had a Gimlet, and we each tried one of the wood-baked pizzas.

Afterwards, we walked the streets back to our hotel and ordered a dessert of derby pie with a berry compote.  It topped the evening off perfectly.

The next day we slept in, I repeat, slept in.  We tried to go out for a brunch, but ended up in Bardstown road area for lunch at Tom + Chee which was the best thing ever.  They had basically any combination of grilled cheese you could ever think of, along with delicious soups.  I had a roast beef and cheddar sandwich with creamy tomato basil soup.  Perfect for the chilly day.

We ended our food tour of Louisville at the Java Brewing Company for hot drinks and a nutella crepe.

Needless to say, we are back to our slow-carb diet this week (after eating monkey bread last night.)  We had the best time exploring the restaurants of Louisville and spending some quality time with each other.  We actually sat down and talked about serious things, dreams for the future, and plans for the upcoming year.  We treasure these times away from Finn as we know our marriage benefits from these intentional times together.  While it's not often we can make the time (or money) to get away for a weekend like this, it's so good when we do.

In case you were wondering if Finn had any fun without us, here's a little peek:

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Kate Harvey said...

Your dark hair is beautiful! So happy for you and your husband. It sounds like you had some great alone time together. All of the food sounds delicious.

And boiled peanuts! They're a huge thing in Alabama. I've never gotten used to them--to me they taste like beans in a shell! Haha.


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