what this blog means to me...

So as you can already tell, I'm a terribly inconsistent blogger.

This has been bothering me lately, and I've had to work through those feelings in my head, and now through my words.

The blogging world is full of beautiful things.  Beautiful stories, beautiful lives, beautiful rooms, and freaking awesome photos.  I love all of that!  It's inspiring and pretty and reminds me to look for the art in the every day.

The blogging world is full of unspoken rules, expectations, and assumptions.  It is full of followers, comments, and shout outs.  It is full of Mama Mondays, Fashion posts, and ridiculously cute weekend recaps.  It's almost like the blogging world has a formula that you have to follow if you want to be a real blogger...at least that's what I think sometimes.  I know it's not necessarily true, not for the type of blogging I want to do, but it's hard not to think so.

It is so easy for me to compare myself to others, to fall into the trap of thinking my life isn't as good as what other lives appear to be.  And I want to fight those thoughts.  I feel like sometimes I try to write posts more for others instead of myself, and I want to get away from that.

So, I have come up with some descriptions and allowances for my blog to help remind me why I blog and to give myself permission to not be like any other blog out there.

*I like writing, though I'm not very polished at it.  Blogging is a way to write out my thoughts, feelings, and dig through situations that happen in my life.  It's ok to not write like a pro.

*I have a son, a husband, and a real life, so blogging every day is just not going to happen.  I am freeing myself from that expectation.

*I don't write specifically for followers or to gain followers.  I mostly write for myself, for my family, and just to write in general.  This blog is more of a rough record of what's going on in the Rife house, and not too much more.

*Comments and followers are awesome, but they do not define my blog.  I pick and choose carefully which blogs I follow and comment on since I don't have a lot of time during the day.  I won't be offended or saddened if I have a small amount of comments or followers.

*Daily life is beautiful, and I don't have to make up things to write about.  I am freeing myself from the constant need to come up with content for the next post.  It would be fun to have regular themed posts, but that may not happen right now.

*Being genuine is one of the qualities I admire most in others, so I want to reflect that in my blog.  I don't have to hide moments of frustration or weakness, and sharing that on my blog may encourage someone else.  Many blogs can make life look deceptively perfect, and that's not the way I want my blog to be.  I am so thankful to have found some awesome, real-life blogs I follow.  They are so encouraging!

*More than anything, I want my blog to encourage and inspire others, to reflect my life, my family, and my passions, and to share beautiful moments captured by photo.  This is what this blog means to me.


Kate Harvey said...

I love your blog, Leah! I think it's sweet and honest and sincere. I always try to remember this quote when I find myself comparing my life to others:

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Keep up the good work :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE this post :) The fact that you don't play by the "rules" and the fact that you're so genuine is why I read your blog :)

stace said...

Yeah, girl!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hey Leah, i hear you girl. there's a lot going on behind the scenes and in our own heads when it comes to blogging. you nailed it! i love your idea to create a manifesto of sorts to refine, define and help you to be more mindful of why you're a blogger in the 1st place. well done, bravo!! you are an inspiration indeed :)

wishing you, Landon and Finn a fantastic weekend ahead! xo ♥


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