hello friday...


Wow this week flew. by.  The funniest part is that nothing really profound happened...just a quiet week at home with the boys.

But I do have a few favs from this week....

*Favorite moment with friends:  Having an Oscars Party with my sister Hannah, her husband Jon, and our niece Emery.  We had appetizers, made these cookies, and watched Seth McFarlane make inappropriate jokes.  Also, Jennifer Lawrence is so cool...I once fell off the stage during a wedding, so she made me feel better when she tripped on the stairs.

*Favorite physical activity: At my boss's yearly color party on Saturday, we all made a Harlem Shake video.  Probably the best party moment ever.  It was a party, so no judgements please.  :)

*Favorite Pin: I have to post it because it's so funny.

Source: julia.blogg.se via Leah on Pinterest

I mean, come on.

*Favorite quote: "You cannot love someone you do not know." - You And Your Child

*Favorite song from the week: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

*Favorite meal of the week:  Breakfast for dinner at small group!  Delicious casseroles, monkey bread, and fruit.  Ahhh.  Loved it.

*Favorite movie watched: Coco Avant Chanel.  If you've never seen this, you totally should!  It's a beautiful and artistic French film about the humble beginnings of  a fashion designer.  One of my favorites.

*Favorite design project:  Currently, I have none, but I do have two weddings I'm editing for work...and they are beautiful!  I love getting to work on wedding photos for my job!

*Favorite realization:  I don't have to worry about my future.  My God is in control, and He wants what's best for me.  My job is to embrace each moment of each day, and live them in love for Him and for other people.

*Favorite moment with Finn: The other night after an early supper, Landon and I just hung out with Finn in our living room.  He was crazy funny that night, rocking in our chair, screaming, playing, and just having a wonderful time.  I love that kid more than I can say.

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!  I am heading out for some girl time with my pal Ballard and a couple other girls.  Then, Landon and I are having a quiet weekend at home.  Looking forward to some great time as a family.


Kate Harvey said...

Sounds like a great week! I thought of you the other day while reading Verily Magazine's blog (do you know it?). They are looking for graphic designers and I have no idea if you'd be interested or even available, but it's a fabulous magazine that I think you would really love.

Anyway, here's the link, check it out!


Krystal said...

niiice harlem shake vid, haha!!

Leah Rife said...

Thanks for the tip, Kate! I will check that post out. I follow Verily on Facebook, but I need to read their posts more consistently...such great, uplifting content.


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