After reading this great article last week, I really started to ponder the whole idea of creating vs. consuming.  I shared it with Landon, and he loved the idea as well.  Funnily enough, we were riding in the car with Landon's younger brother, and he shared a similar idea from a conversation he had with one of his friends.

If I sat back and thought about it, I would say lately I have been consuming more than I have been creating.  It's hard to go through your day without consuming something, and I don't want to say that's a bad thing.  But it seems easy for me to do more consuming and less creating.  It's easy to sit on the bed and watch a show on Hulu, or waste time "consuming" the latest news on Facebook or blogs.  What about changing these habits?  What about spending more time cooking in the kitchen with Finn and showing him how things are measured?  What about walking outside and "creating" a memory as we explore the beautiful world?

Landon and I have decided we want to be creating more and consuming less, so we are looking for ways to do that each day and week.  It sure helps that the warm weather is approaching and we can be more free to go outside, or grow some veggies, or take a bike ride.  Creating doesn't need to cost a lot of money or even any at all.  Just being mindful of things that suck away our time and trying to change them can do so much.

So try creating something this week...a new recipe, a diy you have always wanted to try, teaching something new to your child or yourself.  Try turning off the t.v. or computer for even a little while each day and writing a letter to a friend instead.

Happy creating!!

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