diy jewelry hanger...




With the help of Landon and his dad, I now have a jewelry hanger in the bathroom!  The wood is from Landon's parents' place, and the knobs I picked up at Anthropology.  Landon hung it up last week for me, and I love being able to grab my necklaces or bracelets whenever I need them, and how pretty they look on the wall.

We are now in the middle of a challenging diy project...we are attempting to reupholster a glider rocker.  Details on that later! :)


Kate Harvey said...

Love the jewelry hanger!

You're so brave to reupholster a glider rocker. We have two of them that my husband's parents gave us as hand-me-downs and I was way too scared to do the reupholstering myself! I had them redone for about $100 in simple cream-colored linen. I could never have done it on my own. Please post yours when it's done! Good luck :)

Stacey McDonald said...

Cute! So simple, but such a great idea!


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