hello friday...

Favorites from this week:

*Going to the pool with Finn twice already!  Loving warmer weather which gets me in the mood for summer!

*My morning coffee.  I believe I may be addicted to my morning cup.  After Landon got me some amazing local coffee, I have had a cup nearly every morning.  It just starts the day off right.

*Seeing my mom and dad, and Landon's parents all in the course of a few days.  Family is so dear to us.  Finn spent last weekend with my parents, and Landon's parents came on Wednesday to spend the morning and afternoon with us.

*Hearing Finn say new words.  It's almost like his vocabulary sprouted as soon as he turned a year and a half this week.  He is saying so many new things to us, and you can see his little brain working to communicate with us.  Our little guy is turning into a toddler as I write this!

*Having deep conversations with my husband.  Over the past few months, our relationship has gone from deep to DEEP.  We have hit a new level of marriage, defining how we view our roles in our relationship, becoming more open with each other, and getting through tough moments.  This week was a tough/rewarding week.  I love this man so much, and I'm thankful to be his partner in the journey of life.

*Eating coffee cake.  This recipe was delicious!

*Bike riding.  We are hoping to get out a lot this weekend on our bikes.  Finn is in heaven as he rides in the front of my bike on his little seat.  The simplest things like riding bikes give us the most fun around here.

*Having amazing fellowship with our church community.  We went to a goodbye party on Tuesday for a family that has been a huge part of the church we attend.  Our church is very small, so we are like a giant family and very close.  Landon and I have seen so much good come from this group of people that we are living out life with.  It was sad to say goodbye to the Black family, but we know they will bless whomever they meet in their new city.

Looking forward to a slow weekend, partially here at home, and partially in Ohio with our family for Memorial Day.  Feeling so happy these days.  Life is rewarding.

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Krystal said...

i'm jealous of your pool going, seriously! i can't wait to take wesley swimming, but this weather is just crazy and cold so far.


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