a wonderful weekend...

Landon and I got a special treat of having an entire weekend to ourselves this past weekend.  Finn went to Landon's parents' house, and we got three glorious days of kid-free fun.  It was bliss, (although an hour after Finn was gone, I was looking at pictures of him and watching videos of him on the ipad....)  Gosh, I missed that little guy.

Anyway, we had a beautiful time just relaxing, staying up late, making lots of noise when we went downstairs after 8pm since there wasn't a baby to wake up, drinking a bit, eating a lot, and just enjoying uninterrupted attention on one-another.

Some highlights...

*Indianapolis Indians baseball game complete with hot brats and large beers.  We got to sit right behind home plate, which, I found out, is where all the scouts sit.  So instead of sitting with screaming 4th graders, we got to enjoy a calm group of old guys constantly writing things down, using stop watches, and holding speed guns.  It was pretty awesome.

*Heading to the farmer's market on saturday morning for fresh produce and breakfast.  We loved running into our old birthing class instructor and checking out all the vendors.  It was a gorgeous day for a market.

*Checking out a ton of garage sales in our neighborhood and snagging some great deals.  And by great deals, I mean a potty training chair for 5 bucks?!?! (Perspectives change so much after kids...)
At one point I joked with Landon that we were in a romantic comedy with all the cliché little activities we were doing. :)

*Taking a long bike ride.  We picked up a nice used bike for me on Friday and I love it.  It is so much faster than my old college bike, so I'm sure we'll be out a lot more now.

*Watched a movie.  In a real theater.  Like, for real!  It's been so long since we've seen a movie in the theaters, and it was so nice.  We saw the new Star Trek movie and we both really enjoyed it.

*Hanging out with two of our friends downtown Carmel on Saturday night.  We looked at some local art galleries, and then went to Union Brewing Co. and enjoyed some great drinks and delicious fries from a food truck.  These friends are hilarious and genuine, and we always have great conversation when we're with them.

Needless to say we had a wonderful weekend together, and felt a bit like our old dating selves for a few days.  Every couple (especially with kids) needs to take a mini vacation like this periodically 'cause it's awesome. :)

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Kate Harvey said...

Sounds like an ideal weekend to me! :)


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