summer riding...

We have been taking advantage of this great weather lately by going on bike rides.  I'm trying to be more intentional to be active and get outside this summer, so we go on a lot of walks, hang out at the pool daily, and go biking.  Having my new-ish bike has made things a lot easier on me physically, so I feel like I can get out for longer rides.  We love the front mounted child seat that Finn uses, and he loves to face the open road and watch everything come his way.

Today, we got adventurous and went for an 8 mile round-trip ride.  I always get a little nervous with the traffic around here, and because I don't consider myself a cyclist by any means, it adds another level of apprehension.  I rode mainly on the sidewalk, with a bit on the road here and there.  At one point, we were at a stoplight, and I thought it was safe to cross, but then saw some cars heading our way.  I had to hit the brakes rather hard, and had to jump off since I stopped so quickly.  Ugh, I hate being in front of so many cars and almost falling into the street, but we were fine, and I reminded myself I would never see those people again. :)

We road 4 miles to our favorite hang out spot, The Hearthstone, in Fishers.  Finn made a lot of friends there as we sat down for a nice cool drink and rested a bit.  I was feeling really great about Finn and I making it out and being so active, and then a sweet mama strolled in her 6 month old twins for a little drink.  Then I was like, "No, she's doing great!" :)  She looked great too, and we chatted a bit about our bike seat she noticed, and her little ones.  I love meeting other mamas out and about.

After we rested, we got back out and rode home.  I decided to ride on the road on one portion that didn't have a great sidewalk, and I even stuck my arm out real cool like to signal we were making a turn. :)  Haha, if only a real cyclist saw us.  It only took an hour there and back, and it was such a nice change of pace to our usual routine.  Although, I feel like I could get even more comfortable and start doing this a few times a week.  It feels great to be out on a sunny summer day!

Happy summer everyone!

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Kate Harvey said...

This is such a sweet post! I love that baby bike, it looks like it would be so great for you both. I'll have to remember that when we have little ones, as we love to bike too! Happy Summer!


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