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We have been enjoying checking out the farmers markets around here this season.  It feels so good to get up on a Saturday morning and head out to buy veggies, fruits, and eggs from the local vendors.  If the weather is nice, we try to bike or walk on the Monon and get a little activity in as a family.

This past Saturday my mom came with us, and we walked a little ways up to Carmel to the market and had a wonderful morning.  We bought these delicious free-range eggs and have been savoring them ever since.  I also tried a walking waffle for the first time, and it was mouth-watering.  It's a dense waffle with sugar cubes mixed into the batter, and it is heaven in your mouth, pretty much. :)

We hope to have many more Saturday mornings together as a family, trying new treats, buying fresh food, and supporting our local farmers.

P.S.  Happy July!!

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