Today I am thankful...

*For my best friend and the best husband this girl could ever want or need.

*For this warm weather.  Summer isn't gone, and I am going to bask in this sunshine!

*For the choice to be joyful and optimistic each day.

*For smiling cheeks and slobbery kisses from a very sweet toddler of mine.

*For warm coffee in the morning and beautiful mugs to put it in.

*For family that drops everything to be with or think of someone who is hurting.

*For witnessing the love of a father that was so great and powerful, it touched hundreds of people at once.

*For friends who don't just talk about hip stuff or the weather, but challenge me and inspire me to grow.

*For the gift of music, which can cross any language barrier.

*For songs that make me cry, and songs that make me dance.

*For the chance to rest and be quiet every once in awhile.

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