a marriage celebrated...

On Friday, we headed out of town to be with family as we celebrated the marriage of my younger brother, Jonah, and his wife, Anna.  We had a family dinner for both sides on Friday night, then celebrated all day on Saturday with friends and family.  They actually got married in a simple ceremony at a courthouse earlier in the summer...just the two of them, without a huge group of people watching.  Then, this weekend, they had a ring-warming ceremony and potluck where all their family and friends could come to visit them.  They brewed their own beer recipes for the day, had homemade ginger ale and herbal tea, an appalachian wedding cake, and everyone brought dishes to share.  The day was gloriously beautiful, and everyone had a wonderful time.

They have always gone through life to the beat of their own drum, and when they found each other, it was truly a match made in heaven.  They are both unique, generous, kind, eccentric, artistic, talented, and they don't follow the typical path.

It was such a special time as my entire immediate family was there...my brother and his girlfriend from Denver, my parents, Jonah and Anna, and my sister and her hubby and daughter.  Family can be such a blessing, and it was all the more evident this weekend.

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Amy Boyea said...

Can't believe little Jonah is married!! Tell him congrats from the White clan!!


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