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A few months ago, Landon and I heard about the Whole 30 food challenge.  After doing a similar slow-carb challenge in February, and after eating a lot of junk food this summer, we were ready to change our eating habits using this challenge.  I have read about some fellow bloggers who have done it and loved it, and I have heard some other friends on Facebook talking about how awesome it is.  So we were excited to try it and hopefully stick to it for 30 days!

We started on Tuesday since, let's be honest, Labor Day was on Monday and Landon's mom made Texas Sheet Cake, so......
Today we are into day 4, and I know it's still early, but we are excited about finishing strong and we are keeping each other accountable.  One of my closest friends is doing it with us, so she texts me every day to see how it's going.  I love her so much!

So far it has been hard, not gonna lie. :)  We are cutting out milk, cheese, and other dairy products, all grains, legumes, refined sugars, alcohol, and white carbs like potatoes, pasta, flour, and pretty much anything processed.  Instead, we are filling our plates with a lot of veggies, proteins like eggs and meats, some fruits, and some other things like sweet potatoes, nuts, healthy fats and oils.  It's not been surprising how hungry we have been this first week, but it's awesome to know I can literally eat a giant plate full of good food, and not feel bloated afterwards.  After just a few days, I am realizing that I need to eat a lot more at each meal to hold me to the next.

We aren't supposed to snack in between meals if we can help it, and that's probably been the hardest part for me.  We are so used to eating a snack at night after supper, almost right before we go to bed.  And while I still crave those no-bake cookies at 9:45 at night, I know it's not what my body really wants or needs, and kicking these cravings is what I'm looking forward to.

Landon and I aren't using this challenge as a weight loss program, but more of a habit-kicking/examining program.  I do believe that sugar can be an addiction, and I know I struggle with eating emotionally, and that's something I want to change.  Landon has been a huge support in deciding to do this with me, and it helps me so much on the days (like yesterday, and the day before) I really wanted to cheat. :)  But come, on, 30 days is not that long, and I am determined to make to October 2nd!  Which will be perfect because the 3rd is our anniversary and we will be going away and celebrating for a few days, and I am sure we'll splurge a bit on our food.

So, I'll keep you posted occasionally on how we are doing and feeling, because writing about it here is just one more way to keep us going strong for the next 26 days!  I have a Pinterest board started on meals, so I can keep going back to good ones when I'm not sure what to eat, so feel free to check that out too.  And if you have done this challenge or just like eating clean and wholesome, send recipes my way, I'd love them!


ImarriedAtexan said...

I've done the whole 30 and really changed the way I eat. I felt so much better after the challenge.

Krystal said...

YAYAYAYA WHOLE30! I didn't really think so then but 5 months post whole30 it has totally changed my life and the way I eat. i have posted some about it and have pinterest boards FULL of recipes, email me if you are interested!


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