DIY toms makeover...

Someone gave me a pair of toms a couple years ago, and I wore them a ton...so much that my toes started wearing holes in the ends of the shoes.  I started looking at some new models online and almost bought a new pair, then hearing my husband's voice of frugalness in my head, I thought about trying to save some dough and see if I could refurbish my old ones first.

Fortunately for me, the toe-hole-wearing-out problem is a common one, and there are tutorials of plenty online.  I decided I'd make a go at recovering the ends of my toms, and if it proved to be a horrible mess at the end, I'd buy some new ones, feeling satisfied that I had at least tried my best.

After reading some advice and tutorials, I bought some fabric glue and a remnant of printed canvas material, and set to work.

I sewed a straight seam on one end of the fabric and cut out two pieces.  I lined up the sewn seam with the diagonal front seam on the shoes, then glued everything on.  I feel like my fabric glue was either cheap or just not working well, so I broke out my super glue to give the edges a good solid stick.

I won't give all the steps because it was a pretty completely thrown together project.  But, they turned out decent-ish, and if I can get them to last another year, I'll be happy.  Part of me was a tiny bit disappointed I liked the turn out since that meant no new toms for me right now, but the more I wear them around, the more I love them.  It feels good to make something last just a little longer, and being able to spend some time crafting does a body good.

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Stacey McDonald said...

Such a cute idea! Way to up-cycle!


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