mama style: summer date night...

Tank and necklace: H & M
Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Last week, Finn got to go hang out with Landon's parents for a few days so we could de-clutter our house.  We worked pretty hard and got rid of a ton of stuff we rarely use anymore.  It felt so good to get things cleaned out.

We made sure to spend some quality time not cleaning together, but just hanging out on a date.  I love dressing up just a bit since I'm at home a lot with Finn and don't get the chance very often.  It was a gorgeous summer evening when we went out, so I paired a simple black tank, with a red mini skirt I love, and a fun necklace.  It was perfect as we sat outside on a patio drinking margaritas and eating mexican food, then heading over to a classy tasting room at a local meadery.

It was such a wonderful night, and so fun to dress up a bit more than usual.  Date nights are so precious to Landon and I, and it feels so good to spend time with my best friend!

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