a reminder...

I seriously can't make stuff like this up. :)

I am so thankful for a son who embraces life to the fullest.
If only all of us adults could be more like our sweet and innocent children.
If only I didn't care what people thought, and sang to my heart's content.
If only I didn't need an audience to play my favorite instrument. 
If only I spent more time focused on passion rather than things that don't really matter in the long run.

Thank you, Finn for reminding me today that life is to be embraced.
I love you, little man.

(p.s. he insisted on wearing his beach hat around the house today.) :)


Amy Boyea said...

Kids have a way of making the world seem simpler (even as they make your life more complicated!)

Love the green fuzzibunz - that's the exact diaper James is currently wearing. :-P

Anonymous said...

He melts Grammie's heart! I love singing with him. He brings so much joy to those around him. I hope he never loses that song in his heart! Grammie loves you, Finn! xoxox


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