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An assignment for the January Cure I'm participating in is to pick one item off of the project list I created at the beginning of the month.  The goal is to finish this assignment before the end of January.

For my project, I decided to do a bathroom refresh of our master bathroom upstairs.  Since a lot of my projects I wrote down were cleaning and organization related, and since a lot of the other assignments will be geared towards those this month, I wanted to pick something I normally wouldn't do.

Our bathroom is pretty awesome already as the owner updated it before we moved in.  But I wanted to add just a few touches to make it even better.

So here are my goals for our bathroom refresh:

*Clean out and organize the giant vanity.  There are a ton of half-used products, old medicines, and random junk that has accumulated over the past year.

*Buy a new shower curtain that Landon and I both love.  Ours is ok now, but it's very dark, and I don't care for the colors all that much.

*Buy a new bath mat/rug.  We are currently using on that I made three years ago, and it's gotten dingy.  I want an actual bath mat that will absorb water well and one that won't show dirt very easily.

*Fill in an empty space above our toilet.  There is an empty hook currently residing there from a previous tenant, and I want to fill it with either a small crate for toilet paper, or a small piece of artwork.

*Make homemade lotion for beside the sink, and homemade shampoo for the shower.  My mother-in-law gave us some pump tops for mason jars, so I'll just those two for this project.  I found an easy lotion recipe online, and I am hunting for a simple castille soap-based recipe for the shampoo.

From my inspiration boards, you can tell I'm going for a natural, simple look.  I want to keep our bathroom as light and airy as possible since it tends to get dark in there.

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Krystal Es said...

oo this is exciting!! i hope you share the final pic!


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