winter days...

Highlights from the past few days:

*10 inches of gloriously beautiful snow.  Also, sub-freezing temps that are colder today than those at the South Pole.  Ridiculous!  It's been keeping the frozen wonderland very pretty though.  We have ventured out a few times, and Finn loves it!

*Eating better than we did during the holidays.  January is always a great time to refocus on eating well.  My midwife would be proud of my attempts these past few days.  I've significantly upped my water intake, I've had dark leafy greens for almost every meal, and we got some high quality hormone-free beef to enjoy in some delicious roasts, soups, and whatnot.  Eating well really impacts my energy levels, and my body loves the good food.

*Vegging.  Like, a lot.  Finn can work his PBS Kids app better than Landon or I, and he enjoys cuddling up and watching some shows while I work or read.  We do limit his screen time, so he also has been playing very well on his own during his non-ipad hours.

I finished, with a ton of help from Landon, cleaning all of our floors yesterday.  The January Cure has been so refreshing to participate in, and I already know we will accomplish a lot this month.  It's so nice to look around and see the fresh floors and the flowers on our table.  I am excited for each day's assignment coming up!

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