it got crazy up in here...

Last weekend was a giant adventure for us...we potty trained Finn!!  It was the craziest 3 days of. my. life.  We started on a Friday morning, and "finished" on a Sunday night.  For most of those days, I didn't think Finn was getting it at all, but by Sunday night, he was telling us he had to go potty, and would run to the bathroom to go!  (I put finished in quotes because we really aren't done...he still has occasional accidents, and we have to clean up some not so fun undies sometimes, but overall we are so impressed with how he is doing.)

It was very stressful at some moments.  I'm sure being 23 weeks pregnant didn't help with the emotional side of things, but Landon was so patient with Finn and pretty much took over the training when I couldn't deal with one more accident.  Finn seems so much bigger to us now, and seeing him wear his big boy undies is so exciting.  We ditched diapers completely, so even at night he is in his underwear.  As long as we limit his liquids a few hours before bedtime, he does pretty well through the night.

As a parent, I've realized that once you think you've got it figured out, something comes along that really throws off your groove.  Patience is huge, and it's something I'm learning and re-learning each day. :)

So here is to 4 more months of no diapers before our next wee one arrives!


Amy Boyea said...

Yay for potty training!! We're leaning towards the "marathon" weekend of training as opposed to the less intense way that drags on f.o.r.e.v.e.r!! :-) Enjoy your diaperless days. I can't wait for ours!

Krystal // Village said...

good job you guys!!! that is exciting! i dread those coming days!


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