I loved watching Finn play in the snow earlier this week.  He took the top hat we used for our snowman and decided to make it his own while he tried to bike around in the snowy driveway.

This week has been so nice with not a lot of commitments.  We are taking it nice and easy around the house.  Tomorrow we are *attempting* to start potty training Finn.  That means a Target run tonight to get about 15 pair of toddler underwear.  Life is an adventure with a two year old, let me tell you.

Landon and I are so content with life right now.  I know I have said it before, but we have been talking about it a lot lately.  I don't know exactly why life seems good.  We aren't wealthy, we don't have a huge home, and our daily activities don't involve crazy adventures or wild trips, yet somehow we love where we are at right now.  Seasons of contentment seem to come and go for me, which I would love to change and be content all the time.  Something that comes with age, maybe?  Just reflecting on that these days, I guess.

Well it's gorgeously sunny but rather chilly outside today.  So I will be staying in and trying to knock out some things off the good ol' to do list.  Enjoy whatever you are doing and wherever you are on this fine Thursday.

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