Today is so pretty.  The sun is shining, the snow is crisp and white, and it's a beautiful reminder of how gorgeous winter can be.

*Listening to:



Lots and lots of water.  My goal is between 70 and 90 oz.  Being pregnant takes a lot of work!


Lunch with a sweet friend.  We'll be having bean and bacon soup, spinach salad, and zucchini bread.


My bathrobe and yoga pants...going to be changing soon. :)

*Working on:

A wedding job to get out today.  Such a sweet looking couple!
Cleaning and organizing our room as part of the January Cure.


Lots of baby kicks.  This wee one is a busy little thing.

*Looking forward to:

Spending the weekend with Landon's parents.  They will be here tomorrow and Sunday.  We have gotten a treat of seeing both of my parents in the last few weeks, and now we'll get to spend time with Landon's.  Having family so close is such a blessing!

Happy Friday everyone.  May you rest well this weekend, and spend it with those you love.


Eileen Rife said...

Always enjoy reading your posts, Leah! You are a wonderful wife, mother, and homemaker. Love your helpful, cozy tips/recipes.

We keep a card basket for prayer and yours shows up quite frequently.

Krystal // Village said...

yummmm U2

Amy Boyea said...

Make sure to get electrolytes as well as water. I drank a ton of water (100-120oz a day) and ended up with cramps and dizziness several times. Binge on citrus fruit and salty foods every once in a while! :-)

Leah Rife said...

Thanks, Eileen!

I agree wholeheartedly, Krystal. :)

Ah, good tips Amy. Thanks so much!


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