so many reasons...


I am finding this so true these last few days.

*Landon bringing home cookies to bake together.

*Watching Finn sled down a hill with his Gramps and me racing beside them.

*Spending the weekend with some amazing friends sharing thoughts and food.

*Hearing a lot more birds singing this morning as I woke up.

*Making music with some talented folks.

*Having a heavenly Father I can talk to about the things on my heart.

*Listening to Finn talk to people and explain that he is hungry for pizza.

*Feeling this wee one kick over and over again.

*Looking ahead to a wonderful week as Landon and I celebrate together.

*Watching Finn get so excited when Landon gets home from work.

In the moments when it seems like life is too crazy, all I need to do is step back and see what really matters.

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Ron & Cathy said...

You are so right...and I'm glad you are seeing the beauty in your world right now. Those little sweet things are too precious to overlook.
I, too, am so thankful for my heavenly Father who knows my heart..and still always loves me. :)


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