texture love

I've been so intrigued with textures.  The couple we are using to photograph our wedding, adamandevephotography.com, use so many wonderful textures and I've been trying to experiment with them in photoshop.  
I found a free stock texture website called urbandirty.com.  They have a huge variety of sweet textures that you can use in projects.
I experimented with this photo for our wedding.  I added a cross-process effect, then added a texture screen with a low opacity, then warmed it up with a photo filter effect.  It turned out really nicely for one of my first texture tries.
Here is the texture I used; I think it's cement.

And here is the final result!  I love it because of the vintage look and feel.  The colors turned out nice and warm, and I love how Landon's hair just glows.  Yes, you could say we are in love....with textures!  :)

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