I am making some progress with various art projects I've been working on. It is my goal for this year to build up my collection of projects and finally launch the Etsy store I've been wanting to for quite some time. I'll start off with some photographs, posters, embroidery, and fabric work, then just see where it goes from there.

Etsy is such a wonderful website to find amazing pieces, plus it encourages and supports local artists and handmade items. It reminds me of when I studied the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century in college. I love the fact that there is a trend towards handmade items in our culture today...so refreshing!

So here's a sampling of some things (mostly photographs) I've been working on for my collection. I've been working on projects that I'd love to see in my own home, and I've been inspired by natural, antique, clean, and slightly vintage elements. These are some rough sketches for now which I'll keep working on and finishing up. I think I'm going frame hunting next week.



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