design me a perfect afternoon...

This is a design I finished up earlier this week of our family name.  I love the idea of displaying art with personal meaning.  Landon's grandfather had a doormat with this saying on it and I remember thinking how cool it sounded the first time I heard it.  Well, I am a Rife now, so I guess I can claim this saying for my own.  
It will look very well printed on a textured ivory paper, placed in an old wooden frame, and hung on our wall.

This lovely, rainy afternoon, I spent some time at Starbucks sipping on a soy caramel macchiato and reading Enemy Women, a historical novel based on women of the south during the civil war.  I may have done some crosswords too...they are so calming for me.  I'm sitting on the couch now, and I can still smell the espresso aroma in my hair.  Such a lovely smell.  I've worked at two different coffee shops, and I always loved coming home from work and having that smell stuck on my clothes.

Here's a band my brother, Ezrah, introduced to me.  He says he feels like a gypsy when he listens to them.  I love their sound and the instrumental variety.  Thanks Eddy!

 I'm going through Hannah (my sister) withdrawal already...she spent a couple days with me relaxing, shopping, getting hair done, and eating good food.  I love her so much and wish we were next door neighbors.

Have a lovely day my friends. 


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