Let's carve a pumpkin!

Landon and I carved our halloween pumpkins last night and had a complete blast.  There's nothing like getting your hands all slimy and using sharp objects while listening to some Frightened Rabbit and being with your favorite guy.

I also made some dinner in a pumpkin and it was pretty delicious...I thought maybe the pumpkin flesh mixed with the rice and beef would be a little weird, but it was actually really good!  Here's the recipe I based mine on.  Try it out and have a fun fall supper.

I was pleased with how our pumpkins turned out and we had so much fun last night...you can probably guess that mine is the owl and Landon's is the bat. :)

Hope you all have a fun weekend!  Landon and I are dressing up as Aldous Snow and Jackie Q. and heading to Broad Ripple with Hannah and Jon, who are going as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers.  Should be a blast!


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