hey look, it's that guy from the Hangover movie!

A happy halloween we had indeed.
My sister and her husband joined us in Indy for the evening as we donned our garb and headed out for some fun.

Landon and I went as Aldous Snow and Jackie Q. from Get Him To The Greek.  Basically a rockstar and his wife.  Landon was hardcore with leather pants, and he actually dyed his beard black to go with the costume!  I wore some crazy heels and basically baby-stepped around Broad Ripple....but it was a blast!

Jon and Hannah were Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers complete with guitar and hammer...Hannah was even recognized by a few people which was awesome since the movie wasn't very popular among the popular crowd.  But if you haven't seen that movie, you should.

Since it was a Sunday night, Broad Ripple wasn't too crazy which was perfect since we don't like to get too crazy at night.  We had some awesome food and good beverages, and we got to watch pretty much the entire Steelers/Saints game.  I think we went to a different place for each quarter.

We met some funny people...we saw a guy dressed as Alan from the Hangover movie, a couple that went as pacman and ms. pacman, and a group of four that were the characters from celebrity jeopardy.

We had fun and it was so cool to dress up and do something different than staying in for a little change.
Hope you all had a fun weekend and are ready for this week!


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