Holiday blast!

What an amazing Christmas weekend!!  We were able to spend time with both my entire family and Landon's entire family.
Here are some highlights:

*Leading the Christmas Eve service with my brother-in-law Daniel for our home church.  We played songs inspired by Sufjan Stevens, Alexi Murdoch, and Mumford & Sons with piano, violin, mandolin, tambourine, accordion, melodica, guitar, and an egg shaker.  We couldn't have done it without the help of my mom, Landon, Landon's older brother Benjamin, and Landon's parents.  It was such a blessing to do the service and play and sing in praise for Christ's birth.

*Eating amazing and tasty morsels.  My favorites were Mom Rife's crescent rolls, my mom's tapioca pudding, pecan pie, extra sharp cheddar cheese, my family's traditional orange danish rolls on Christmas Eve morning, and oh my goodness I loved everything!

*Getting to see all of my family and joking and cracking up about crazy things.

*Playing charades with my family on Thursday night.

*Participating in our Christmas Talent show....I was laughing so hard.  We had four skits, two songs, two funny readings, one funny video, and tons of laughter and fun.
I love this (2nd year running) tradition.

*Getting snow on Christmas!  It was so pretty outside.

*Being given some wonderful gifts by my family and Landon's...we are so blessed.

*Being reminded again that Christmas is more than gifts, music, and food, and being thankful for what Christ has done in our lives.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend with your family and friends!!


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